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Connecticut dealer/collector Wayne Carini purchased Davis #9 a while back and besides chronicling his Davis search for the Discovery Channel in the Chasing Classic Cars show, he also had it restored and has been showing it in the New England area. Changed from the unusual purple it featured for years to a more period-correct sage green, the Davis Registry would love to do a more in-depth interview with Wayne if he could contact the Director. In any case we thought visitors to this site would like to see photos by Kit Foster of the new look for Davis #9.

With the passing of cut-away expert Rex Burnett a couple of years ago, a number of retrospective articles have appeared featuring Rex’s great work. The Registry was familiar with some of the illustrations he created for the Davis Motor Co. in the 1940s, but we were all a little surprised to see this drawing or what appears to be a more modern Davis-with FINS! We have no idea what this was for but can only speculate that it may have been created for the group of investors trying to revive the Davis in conjunction with the Reliant Car Co. in England, or maybe it is nothing more than rendered speculation of what the Davis might have looked like in the future. In any case it’s an interesting look at what might have been….

While digging through some old magazines this great shot of the predecessor to the Davis, known as the Californian, surfaced in a ragged February 1946 Mechanics Illustrated. Though only generic info was included with the photo, it would seem that it was shot before “Californian Test Car” was lettered onto the doors by Davis. Any help with who, when and/or where this is should be directed to the Registry Director.

  For the last couple of years the Registry has been considering a new shirt design for Davis enthusiasts. Here’s a peek at what we came up with, and soon these should be available through our DSYCB section of the Registry. Check back for an update to that part of the site.

  A project we did complete is these cool Davis metal signs, utilizing an exact reproduction of the Davis Sales/Service logo in color! Our high quality signs measure 14-inches in diameter, and can be purchased for $25. plus postage from our DSYCB section of the Registry; at the Lane Motor Museum, Nashville, Tenn.; or Petersen Museum, Los Angeles, Calif.

“Contrary to what your website states, it was not the Shriners who modified the Davis 'military' vehicle, it was the owner himself William 'Bill' Amos who did so. True, he was a Shriner and drove it in many parades. He was very proud of that little vehicle.
“I know these things because I rented an upstairs apartment for several years in his Macon, Ga. home. He in fact told me he had gotten the car from the owner - the dealer - who had owed him some money. I told him several times some day somebody would really want that vehicle. But he knew that already.
“I was the one who painted the embossed Davis name portion for him at his request one day, inside and out.
“I got to know him rather well in the 3 years or so that I lived there back in the early 1980s...
“Just thought I'd pass this along.”
Bill Peters
Dunkirk, Md

“Here's Bill Amos in one of several shots I took - this is just a quick & dirty digital remake.”

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