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Davis # 10

Purchased in the early 1970s by the current Kansas owner, Davis #10, serial #482E109, was originally painted a nice bright coral-not pink, and had an ivory or off white top. At some time, likely new, it was resprayed a light sea foam green on the bottom and medium green on top. The banana yellow and black was another respray to cover the Truly Nolan signage.

Truly Nolan was an exterminator who developed his business throughout the west and south. The most distinctive feature of this service was that each business was made a local landmark by the placement of an antique car in front of each location. The car was lettered to advertise the business and this Davis read "Truly Nolen Exterminator- Easy Terms- No Money Down- Work Guaranteed. The Davis was purchased in Hugoton, Kansas. Owner Stan is unsure how long the previous owner owned it, but remembers, We used to drive it around in the early 1970's and it was like riding in a bowl of " Jello".

HISTORY - Let's piece together Davis #10's history as best we can;

Davis Motorcar Company1948-19??
Truly Nolan, Scottsdale, AZ19??-19??
Used Car Lot, AZ19??-19??
??? Hugoton, KS19??-19??
G. Helin, KS19??-19??
Current Owner1970-present

Davis 10 Photo     Davis 10 Photo

FEATURES - Car # 10 was light yellow, including the metal dash panel, apparently the same color as 482E69, with a black top. It is currently stripped down to bare aluminum. Taillights are from a 1948 Pontiac. The bumpers appear to be original and in quite good shape. It has smooth wheel covers similar to a 1949 Plymouth, but without script. An unusual feature is that the standard Davis side spears below the doors extend only half-way across the skirts-most other extant Davis cars have spears running completely across the skirts. Dampening is provided by Houdaille lever shocks like those used on 1930s Ford products. Prior to disassembly, # 10 seems to have sat high and squarely on its springs, its body free of serious dents, and its seams quite neat and even. The driver grasps the usual Studebaker-type Ross banjo steering wheel complete with good chrome horn ring, and the radiator is the same primitive box-type rig found on the early "Delta". Original headlite doors are still with the car.

Ironically, the owner of Davis #10 is in the car restoration business, but with customer cars its tough to get to your own stuff, and so almost 40 years after first acquiring the 3-wheeled wonder he plans to do some preservation work on it before the end of 2009. Says Stan, I still remember visiting with Gary Davis up to when he passed away. Were looking forward to seeing this nicely preserved Davis fully restored.

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